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Brendan Nichols is that highly rare coach who was very successful in the real world of business before he ever dared open his mouth to give someone advice. His schoolteachers are probably gob smacked, as they believed he would never amount to anything.

He is a best selling author (published by the giant Harper Collins) and for over 3 decades, coached tens of thousands of people all over the world and appeared dozens of times in the media.

He believes that a business is meant to serve you so that you can have an awesome life. He has shown a lot of people How to make MORE MONEY AND HAVE A LIFE – RATHER THAN AN ENDLESS BLUR OF WORK AND STRESS.

He’s not good at everything – if you are driving across a desert and the car breaks down, and it is up to Brendan to fix it – well, sorry, you’re going to die. However some of his clients firmly believe that when it comes to increasing their income, Brendan is simply, the best coach on the planet.  

If you want to attain the illusion of ‘debt ridden success’, you’re going to hate him. However, if you want to make a lot more money, have a life full of awesome adventures, and help some people in the process – then he may be the best thing you have ever found. He has a remarkable ability to:  

  • Create a clear plan.
  • Offer detailed, strategic suggestions, on cash generating ideas, to immediately implement into a business.
  • Uncover deep-rooted sabotaging patterns that stand in your way.

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