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Do You Want to Get Out of The Rat Race & Raise Your Income Level?

Want to Be Part of a
Powerful Group to Get You There?

The vast majority of the tens of thousands of people who first came to my seminars fall into these categories:

  • They work long hours for not enough reward.

  • They wonder if they will ever be able to achieve the good life.

  • They want to know the steps of how to get there.

  • They feel burned out and just want to NEVER WORK AGAIN. They are looking for THE WAY OUT.

Does any of this sound like you?

Brendan Nichols here...

I started my first very successful business many years ago. I have had one rule since: never take advice from anyone who isn't really successful at what they do.


You sure wouldn't want to take advice from me on fixing cars - I suck at it.

HOWEVER, I have helped a LOT of people break out of their income ceiling and lead more amazing lives!


And these are just normal people who were often struggling. Some of them thought they would never find a way out - but they did!

HOWEVER... Before You Get Excited...

There is One Big Reason to Leave Now...

If you want to 'get rich quick', without doing any work, this is not the place for you.
Yes, you can have great cash-flow and an amazing life, but you are going to have to roll up your sleeves to get there. If you are willing to do that....
...If you're finally ready to kick your life into gear and make some SERIOUS MONEY ... and HAVE the kind of lifestyle options that will blow your mind ...

... then it's time to consider joining a powerful mastermind group.
A Mastermind group allows you to discover proven ways to make more ... and stop yourself wasting months ... maybe years of time.

Want some proof? Check this out...

In 2006 I offered a double your money back guarantee for a mastermind group.
That's right, I said that if you tried any of the strategies and they didn't work, I would pay you the fee and an additional amount out of my own pocket..

... I did that 2 years in a row. NO one asked for their money back...

...I am one of at the very few educators in the world who was extremely successful in business before I became a teacher...

...and that gives me a certain understanding of what you face in your quest to become financially free...

...But more importantly I NO LONGER HAVE TO WORK FOR MONEY.

Here is the Big Miracle of this Group

Past members tell us over and over again that the big miracle is:

  1. The Incredible support from other members – actually belonging to a group who want you to win and be all you can be!

  2. The amazing atmosphere that is generated, that allows them to change their thinking at such a core level and being presented with a deluge of techniques that can get you to your goal.

  3. Discovering ideas that others have used to get out of the rat race, raise their income level and live life on their own terms.

  4. To move out of a limited view, to being fired up, brimming with energy and ideas. 

  5. Experiencing phenomenal breakthroughs, discovering profound ideas that transform their business or life - and their ability to make more money, have more freedom and do it in an atmosphere of fun.

  6. You will have the opportunity to make friendships for life with people who are on the same page as you. Friends who want the same things you do.  

We have a LIMITED number of spots available for our next mentoring program.

We support you in:

  • How to fix those immediate problems that are causing you pain...

  • How to identify the real reasons that are holding you back...

  • The specific steps you need to take to create an income explosion...Practical, results driven options...

  • What action you need to take right now, that will get you out of a slump, renew your passion and start rolling toward more wealth and happiness.

Want to Know Your BIG PROBLEM?

Do You Think You Can Do It On Your Own?

...I could not have got to where I am today without the help of some really powerful mentors and teachers......


...In my group I am focused on showing you every secret piece of info, every cutting edge money making idea, to hone in on one simple goal...Fixing Whatever is Holding You Back.

But Wait… This is NOT For Everyone…

The way we work is a little different than most people. We have over a 90% re-enrolment on this program from year to year- which is unique. 


People re-enrol because they love it and get a lot from it.  We welcome new people but are selective. 


We take people who are just starting out as well as the successful.


At the risk of sounding arrogant - if you asked people currently in the group, they would tell you it’s a privilege to belong.

We do not go out of our way to sell anyone - we only take new people if they are keen to learn and are a good fit with the group.  


If you are someone who is hard work, difficult to get along with…Please read no further…Okay, that being said…

More Potent But Less Costly

There are a lot of OTHER Mastermind Groups that are charging $15,000…$25,000 and upwards and in my opinion they aren’t a patch on this one. And we do NOT charge anywhere near that.

We have strictly limited numbers - Act Now if you are interested.


We can also offer a payment plan if you want.

What is The Next Step?

There is NO RISK and NO COST to Find Out if This Group is For You…


The process is very easy.

The best way is to have a conversation on the phone, where we can tell you all about the program and see what your goals are.


STEP #1: Just click the link below and up will pop an email.


STEP #2: Just write your name and phone number -  then send the email.


Someone will phone you back... IT is NOT a Sales Call... We do NOT use high pressure salespeople. It is a very casual 2-way interview to find out if we are a good match.


We are happy to talk to you and find our if this group is for you and if you are a good fit for us.

We will answer all your questions and share the details of upcoming seminars, etc. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION at this point.

However you need to act right now because there are limited places available.

Send your name and phone number and we will call you.

Every now and then life offers you an amazing opportunity. This may be it.


Wishing you every success,

         Brendan Nichols


PS. Is This Your Moment? THE MOMENT you look back and say, “That was the time when my life took off?”

This program has the potential to bring in much, much more than the cost. In fact if truth be told... what you will learn in the program is a lifetime skill. How much is that worth to you? Or more importantly... how much is it worth to have the life you really want?

Email us now for a no obligation consultation.


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