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For Entrepreneurs Who Want an Amazing Lifestyle, Less Stress & More Profits.


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Welcome, I’m Brendan Nichols. I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone talk on business, or making money… the first question I am thinking is, have they actually done it in the real world?


I started from nothing and had several successful businesses before I was an educator.  I owned a highly successful Real Estate project marketing company, working from an office in the centre of the Sydney CBD - doing full-page advertising in the National papers.


For over a quarter of a century, I have worked with tens of thousands of people, on three continents…


… and that has allowed me to figure out EXACTLY WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t work.  


I am best selling author, published by the giant publisher Harper Collins.  I have appeared in the media dozens of times. About a million people watched an exclusive ABC television documentary on me.


Now I’m not excellent at everything – as to anything mechanical – say fixing cars … well it’s tragic… However thousands of people have come to my events wanting to improve their business and their life. It's important to remember that money is only good for two things: "Get a life and give a life". In other words: To live an amazing life and help those less fortunate than yourself.


"Brendan Nichols is the real deal. His information is powerful, practical and best of all...extremely profitable. I unreservedly recommend him to you." 

Steve McKnight,

#1 Best-selling author

"I have attended numerous wealth and investment seminars. How I wish Brendan's seminar was the first. He is the best! Remarkable seminar that I will recommend to anyone who wants to discover the truth of success." 

-Steven Teo, Retired Businessman



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