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Are You Sick of Being a Slave to Your Business?

Want Proven Techniques that work Online or Offline?

Are You Interested in Getting Out of the Rat Race & Having a Life?

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Each country and industry is different and governed by different laws. The information in the seminars we run is general in nature and you should consult a professional such as a lawyer or accountant before using any of the information and we give no warranty and accept no liability should you use the information without consulting such above mentioned professionals.

Any income statements or comments are not intended to represent any form of guarantee that every person will achieve the same results. The income statements are not typical. We make no guarantees that you will succeed or make money from following any of the information and you recognise that any business endeavour has inherent risks for loss of income or capital.

By using the information above or in our seminars, webinars, teleconferences, emails, social media or any delivery, you agree to our terms and conditions on our website at www.brendannichols.comand agree that you use all the information we provide at your own risk.  

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