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An Invitation to Something Remarkable...

Would you like to be part of a small,
like-minded group that LOVES you succeeding, and earning enough money to make your dreams become a reality? 




Do you want to get out of the rat race

raise your income level? 

    Recently my mentoring group was ecstatic when I announced that I would be doing one more program. Almost everyone in the current mentoring program enrolled for the next one - especially when they saw THE BRAND NEW ADDITION.


One of the participants, a woman who is highly wealthy, ran up, hugged me and said, “Thank God you are doing another one.” (No, I am not exaggerating). That is the incredible power of this group. The breakthroughs we have seen in this group are literally amazing.  


People who have worked with the so-called very best educators on the planet, say the work we do is way beyond anything they have encountered. We have people who are multi-millionaires and those who are just starting out, wanting to create their dream. The collective ‘smarts’ in this room are geared to wanting you to win, live your dream and truly have an amazing life. 




Here is the Big Miracle of this Group



Past members tell us over and over again that the big miracle is:- 


1. The amazing atmosphere that is generated, that allows them to change their thinking at such a core level and being presented with a deluge of techniques that can get them to their goal.


2. Discovering ideas that others have used to get out of the rat race, raise their income level and live life on their own terms? 


3. To move out of a limited view, to being fired up, brimming with energy and ideas.


4. Experiencing phenomenal breakthroughs, discovering profound ideas that transform their business or life - and their ability to make more money, have more freedom and do it in an atmosphere of fun. 


5. You will have the opportunity to make friendships for life with people who are on the same page as you.  Friends who want the same things you do.  


We have a LIMITED number of spots available for our next mentoring program.



What does it involve?

An 8-month program:

  • An exclusive closed-door 1-day seminar with me.

  • Another exclusive closed-door 1-day seminar with me.

  • A 2-day exclusive closed-door seminar with me.

  • Audio recordings from me - info you really need to hear.

  • Online access to some of our membership products.

WANT IN? It’s not that simple - you have to want to be there. We are not remotely interested in talking you into it. And if you are difficult to deal with please don’t bother - this is already a great group and we just want to have the right kind of people. At the risk of sounding arrogant - if you asked people currently in the group, they would tell you it’s a privilege to belong.

I will NOT BE DOING THIS FOREVER - I have told everyone in the group that THIS MIGHT BE THE LAST ONE!


It’s an 8-month program - $7,950 for a single and $4,950 for your partner.


This is NOT a big group – we have limited numbers available. To grab your spot, email us now and include your phone number. Someone will give you a call - this is not a sales call, it’s just a chat to see if we are a good fit.

Limited numbers are available – email us now,
include your phone number in the email and we will get back to you.

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